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Ceramic Fusion Bisque

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    Have you tried Ceramic Fusion? 

    This amazing line combines glass and ceramics in ONE FIRING. Simply glaze the bisque shape using any Cone 06 glaze product, then fill the recessed cavities with frit.  Fire the piece in your next 06 firing, and voila!  CLICK HERE to check out a video from Creative Paradise.

    Because these pieces are fired to Cone 06, Ceramic Fusion shapes offer the ability to bring a bit of the glass fusion world to your studio without doing separate firings.  If you're not doing glass projects yet, these shapes are a great way to get started. 

    Give Ceramic Fusion a try!  

    Click here to view FRIT to use with your Ceramic Fusion Bisque. 

    Heart Box
    Heart Box
    4.5 in. L 

    Case Pack 6 

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