Chesapeake Ceramics

Sheet Glass


Choose from Opalescent (Opaque) or Translucent glass sheets! Or get our variety pack to try a little of everything!

Please be aware of the difference between Translucent (Transparent) and Opalescent (Opaque) glass.
Translucent glass will be affected by the color of the surfaces it is layered with, which may cause it to become brighter or duller. Opalescent glass will not allow light or underlying colors to pass through it.



FuseBox 10 System 96 Variety Pak

  • 10 Sq. Ft. of “T-Glass”
  • 12 in. x 12 in. Large Squares
  • 10 Different Colors
  • Always includes Black and Clear
  • A Mix of Transparent and Opalescent Glass
  • Always includes Premium Priced product*
* Premium Priced products include:  Reds, Yellows, Oranges, Pinks, OpalArt™, Spirit™, Hi-Fire iridescents, or Rare Earth Tones.


A System 96 “FuseBox” is a variety pack of Spectrum “T-Glass.”The “T” stands for “Transition,” so named because it is often produced as we shift from one product to another in manufacture.

System 96 “T-Glass” is always 100% tested-compatible, devit-resistant, excellent-cutting, and otherwise top-performing fusible glass. It will, however, be outside of our tolerances for surface texture, seeds, color hue, mix, or density.

Most surface imperfections will disappear in the fusing process. If you wish to retain them for effect, fuse at lower temperatures using shorter hold times. The more heat your project gets (the more “full” the fuse), the more an imperfect surface will heal.Avoid “T-Glass” where it is critical that you be able to replicate glass color from one project to the next.

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Price: $53.05