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    Mother-of-Pearl can be easily applied and its appearance will vary with the type of glaze over which it is applied. Over a gloss glaze, Mother-of-Pearl adds a shiny luster and when applied over a matte glaze, it adds a subtle sheen.

    How to use:

    1. Be sure that the surface of your piece is free of dust, skin oils and lotions to ensure proper adhesion. Wipe surfaces with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the overglaze (except when used over crackle glazes.).

    2. Always apply with a brush that is designated solely for use with Mother of Pearl to prevent contamination.

    3. Do not stir or shake glaze.

    4. Place a small amount of overglaze on a glazed palette.

    5. For a swirled look, swirl on 1 coat, overlapping strokes.

    6. For a smooth look, brush on all strokes in the same direction.

    7. Correct application should produce a light blue tint.

    8. Clean brush in Essence and let dry.

    9. Overglazed ware can be fired while it is still wet. The kiln must be clean, well-ventilated (do not overload) and follow a
    normal firing schedule. Do not touch wet decoration and handle as little as possible until ware is fired to avoid smudging.

    10. Stilt and fire Mother of Pearl to shelf cone 020.


    1. The appearance of Mother of Pearl will vary with the type of glaze over which it is applied. When applied over a gloss glaze, Mother of Pearl will add a shiny luster. When applied over a matte glaze, Mother of Pearl will add a dull luster.

    2. If Mother of Pearl is accidentally applied on the wrong area, dip a cotton swab in Essence and wipe off misplaced color.

    3. If any areas are missed, go back and touch up before Mother of Pearl dries.

    4. If using a metallic overglaze and Mother of Pearl on the same piece, apply and fire the metallic overglaze first.


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