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    Kil Wall Mount Controller 3 Phase

    Kiln Wall Mount Controller 3 Phase

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    Product ID KM1A-3
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    KilnMaster Control Features
    Delay Firing Start: Up to 99 hours and 99 minutes
    Cone Fire Mode: Entry by cone number, 3 firing speeds, Cone 022 to Cone 10.
    Ramp/Hold Mode:
    Entry by temperature, create programs from 1 to 8 segment. Each segment can specify a rate of heating or cooling to a specified temperature with an optional hold, to maximum temperature of 2.400 degrees F.
    Memory: Holds up to 6 firing programs.
    Safety Features: Power failure detection, thermocouple failure detection, microprocessor fault detection.
    Electronic Cone Table: Converts cone numbers to temperature.
    Digital Readout: Fahrenheit or centigrade.
    Program Review: Review program and current segment during firing.
    Temperature Alarm: Adjustable to desired temperature.
    Control Panel: Sealed touch pad, washable.
    Thermocouple: Type K.
    Designed and manufactured in the USA


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