Chesapeake Ceramics

Manufacturer’s Product Notice from iLoveToCreate

iLoveToCreate received reports in late March of oolites in Duncan Pure Brilliance Clear Dipping Glaze and Duncan CN2000D Concepts Clear Dipping Glaze. What is an oolite? They are small spherical concentric grains; most commonly created by the presence of calcium and are formed as a calcium precipitate. They may form or grow over time, and growth can be accelerated by contributing factors including water source, heat, or age of product.  Oolites have been present in ceramic glazes for many years and have been experienced repeatedly by our entire industry. 

iLoveToCreate performs thorough quality-control testing of every batch of product before approving for bottling and shipment. Not all containers from all lots were showing evidence of oolites as many variables contribute to their “growth.” Since oolites can grow at any point in the product lifecycle, they may not be present at the time of inspection, and they may only appear in some containers depending on the influence of the contributing factors and variables previously mentioned. 

We have since identified the major component that was contributing to the precipitation of calcium in our product and eliminated it from the formula. We have now received inquiries from two distributors who have received reports of contaminants in the new formula. Our analysis has determined that the contaminant is calcium-based but is different from the previous reports. We have also found the level of contaminant to be greatly reduced in the new formula. We are working hard to totally eliminate the contaminants and we thank you for your patience as we resolve the issue.

The glaze can be used successfully in the short term if the contaminants are removed by straining them with a 60 mesh sieve.

Note from Chesapeake:  If you are using CN2000D or Pure Brilliance, we recommend you sieve the glaze to minimize the chances of a problem. To offer some perspective, not all studios will experience oolites in their dipping glaze. At Chesapeake, we have hundreds of studios using these glaze products and three have reported oolite problems with the latest Pure Brilliance formulation. If you have concerns about your glaze, please feel free to call 800-962-9655 and speak to Melanie (x29).