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We’re pleased to be bringing some inspirational adaptations of some of our top designs to you.  You’ll be pleased, we hope, with this assortment of design variations we’re adding to the series. 

These variations are COMPLETELY FREE! All you have to do is download the design image and print the updated supply list and basic instructions. You'll use the pattern and instructions from the original design, which are available for sale here.


Red Sunflower - Design Variation #1 

The great composition and style of our Sunflower (originally titled "Red Sunflower) makes it one of your all-time favorites! In this warm and rich colorway, it takes on a whole new look. Lovely!

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Poppies in Bloom - Design Variation #1 

By introducing a new palette and simple but striking background concept, this design offers a fresh, contemporary look. The ever-popular Poppy shines atop the warm and neutral background.

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Pink Gerbera Daisy - Design Variation #1 

Bright, bold, and modern, these fall colors take our Gerbera Daisy design to a whole new level! Eye-catching and warm, this one will brighten any décor.

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Red Poinsettia - Design Variation #1 

With a modern, graphic approach, and striking black accents and background, this classic piece is sure to please. Easy enough for even the younger artists, this design goes quickly and delivers a great result.

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Red Poinsettia - Design Variation #2 

We've given this classic design a few great updates here, including depth of color, a silvery background, and the elegant touch of hand-lettered word art. Use it to add a special touch to any holiday canvas painting!

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Jingle Tree - Design Variation #1 

This playful design features a trendy palette and fun tonal patterns, taking it to a new level! Gold, silver and copper accents provide the perfect, festive finishing touch.

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Owl Be Watching - Design Variation #1 

Our adorable owl design transitions wonderfully into winter by simply changing the palette and adding soft snow.

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Whimsical Tree - Design Variation #1 

In this design variation, one of our most popular designs, the playful Whimsical Tree, is perfectly adapted to Fall, capturing the essence of a crisp autumn sunset. What better way to usher in the season?

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Whimsical Tree - Design Variation #2 

You can almost feel the chill when the colors are changed out to this cool, crisp palette on our very popular whimsical tree design. Along with the shimmery Metallic Silver Social Artworking canvas acrylic we've added, a touch of glitter could take this project to the next level.

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Whimsical Tree - Design Variation #3 

The warm glow of a setting sun is captured in this wintry variation of our whimsical tree with a sprinkling of dotted snow swirls adding a playful and magical feel. Encourage each artist to add the colors that he or she loves into the sunset sky. (And be sure to have them add a touch of those colors as reflections on the snowy hills.)

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Nativity Silhouette - Design Variation #1 

The beautiful blue and gold background we've brought into our brand new nativity silhouette gives the piece a tranquil feel and a neutral appeal.

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