Chesapeake Ceramics



One Order, Both Coasts, No Extra Shipping

Don't worry about choosing a warehouse. Place your order and and all available items will ship from the nearest warehouse. Everything else will automatically ship from the other location at no additional charge.

What To Expect

Unified Ordering

  • One website, no more coasts.
  • View combined real time inventory for both coasts.
  • Icons will let you know if an item is in or out of stock on a certain coast.
  • Items in cart will be labeled so you'll know from which coast they are shipping.
  • Default coast is based on your default address.

​​Billing & Invoicing

  • You will receive separate invoices and charges for multi-coast orders.


Glaze Size

  • When browsing a color category, you can now select a default glaze size (2oz, 8oz, etc.) to speed up ordering.

Please note, all carts will automatically reset when the website updates on 3/28/17 @ 8am. We suggest printing out or taking note of items in your cart before the update.

See the below screenshots for more details

Icons will appear next to every product, letting you know which coasts they are available on.

You can now select a default color size, which will change the sizes for every option on the page.

If an item is coming from both coasts (exceeds inventory of default coast), it will appear twice with the appropriate quantity and label for each coast. You'll be able to see specifically how many of each item will be shipped from each location in your cart.

You will be notified at checkout whether your order is shipping from a single coast or multiple coasts.